Roberto Cavalli x Mmfw S/S ’15


        Roberto Cavalli S/S ’15 x Milan men’s fashion week

val cut 3


The leader of Aerosmith band Steven Tyler and Joe Perry sat front row at Roberto Cavalli’s spring summer 2015 mens show.

A Ferrari Daytona was parked in the middle of the catwalK With the label love on it. Eighties atmosphere was intensified by the soundtrack and a front-row benediction from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, whose «Love in an Elevator,» one of the great video hits of the late eighties, was inevitably played.
Music was on and the show with the Miami Vibes has started.His new collection was all palm trees, peachy jacquards, sheer shirts, and bird of paradise prints.
Cocktail wear was paramount at the show. Golden jacquard blazers and whimsical scarves were a tribute to hair bands of the era. Bare-chested models strutted down the runway in floral print karate pants tied with oversized obi belts, while tropical print jumpers included roomy karate pants and matching short-sleeved shirts with plunging necklines

Footwear made a splash with slip on sneakers, crafted in perforated leather and fashioned with espadrille textures and toes and drenched in bright colors like electric blue and acid green.
«Aerosmith’s music is eternal and I hope my fashions will be eternal too,» Cavalli said.

One of the best shows I’ve ever attend.So much summer energy, amazing vibes and stunning collection for Mr.Cavalli.The master of the patterns. Let it be a summer full of colours.

See the collection captured by 3lblog

You can watch the full show here 

 Until next time..

Marina x



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