Ermano Scervino x Mmfw S/S ’15



                                   Milan men’s fashion week S/S ’15

With the amazing soundtrack Strong from the «London Grammar» this amazing show started.The vibe was sto strong and romantic.A strong man full of confidence always in a perfect outfil bun never to much formal.This is all about mr Scervino’s collection.You can watch the full show here  and get that amazing vibe I’m telling you.

Ermano Scervino said about this collection :»The man for next summer is an impeccable metropolitan dandy, with a kimono style jacket and monogrammed slippers».

The Ermano Scervino man appears on the catwalks of Milan with dandyish foulards and tailored plush trousers,in a increasingly electic cresvendo of style.
A touch of fluo, oversized outwear and micro/macro pois are the key ingredients in the house’s quitessentially sporty selections for men who demand quality and fine tailoring without ever being over formal.It all comes in the traditional, aloofly ironic Ermano Scervino style.

There are fluo orange, lime ,green and cornflower blue linings in the new canva parkas, which come with or without sleeves.

Multicoloured graphic and inlay desighns decorate the tops and brighten up the navy blue tailored trousers with their vibrant hues.

Micro and macro polka dots are matched with stripes and fluo detailing on the silk shirts,tops and shorts in an ongoing array of maritime-themed embroidery.

The accesories include bow ties, foulards, braided passementerie belts,suede sneakers, lace-ups and monogrammed slippers.

You can shop the collection here 


See the collection captured by 3lblog

Until next time …

Marina x


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