Tiger Of Sweden x LCM S/S ’15

val cut4 SPRING SUMMER 2015

For Spring Summer 2015, Tiger of Sweden-the Scandinavian fashion brand that took the suit out of the bank and onto the street-draw inspiration from cult film «The Warriors».
The «Tiger Gang» of SS/15 – one of my favourites collections until now looks to the night-time adventures of the film’s New York gangs, with tailoring that exudes a rock and roll attitude and a tough elegance.What more can a man ask for make the perfect outfit?.It is a collection created to be worn all hours,just as with the Warriors’ own 24/7 gangland attire.

The colour palette references the night, with a focus on black and white and shades of grey. The city landscape is a key reference, with brighter colours such as petrol and rust breaking through the monochrome and a use of prints,inspired by the street art and graggiti from the film.

Always focusing on Tiger’s trademark brand philosophy, ‘A Diferrent Cut’, the dominant silhouett this season is slim, sharp and strong. Blazers are cut short with a slim-cut trouser. Outwear has evolved to a more relaxed fir for the spring. SS15 notably sees the introduction of a new shape for Tiger, a slightly oversized and elongated suit shape.


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