Orlebar Brown x LCM S/S ’15

                                                                  Orlebar Brown : Spring/Summer 2015


                                                                      «UNDERWATER» Collection

 I loved the static presentation with the models holding and taking care diferrent kind of dog breeds.Amazing idea from Orlebar Brown where his quote of that collection was «WHICH OB ARE YOU?» So many choices.You can definately find your OB type from the Underwater Collection.

Water is central to everything OB,Whether it is a pool, a beach,underwater or overwater,on a boat,diving,surfing or sailing. Where,or how you wear,enjoy and remember Orlebar Brown -it usually has it focus on water.

For SS15,Orlebar Brown takes a journey deep beneath the sea celebrating the games it plays with light,colour pattern and movement.

A bright and vivid paltte of tangerine, dark tyrian purple,dive blue and anemone pink takes center stage.Inspiration comes from organic patterns of coral,underwater plant life ,tropical fish and the abstract natural geometry of rocks and landscape.I just loved the swimsuits with this patterns. Join this «beneath the ocean» collection.

You can shop the collection here 

val cut 2

 Until next time…

Marina x


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