London Christmas Week ( part 2)

London B-Eye night

Oxford street in christmasy mood
My favourite street Kensinghton Church Street.You can find the best pancake in the city.I can find the people i love!!
Head offices of Mulberry
                                          Favourite purchases from London!
                            Vintage jeans,Victoria’s secret,and sparklning manicures.
                                      Victoria’s Secret store :Bond Street
                                             Must go !Girl’s paradise!
Rolling around London
          Best Frozen Yogurt FRAE(just next to Notting Hill tube station)
                                                 Adorable stuff!!
         What do you need when is freezing?
             Best friends,a cozy fur and an extra hot espresso!
                                        …..  aaaand a guilty pleasure breakfast!
              The famous colourful houses in Notting Hill!
    Who knows?Maybe one day…
More to come..!
Enjoy your life,every single moment !!
Marina 3L!x