Frankie Morello x mmfw A/W ’14

Milan men’s Fashion week A/W ’14


Inspired by a hypnothetical «space odyssey» the Frankie Morello Men’s collcection for Fall/Winter 2014-15 presented to us classic garments renewed with technical materials.Neoprene is used as mateleass mesh or layered with bonded fabrics, while wool has a transparent coating that reveals a glimpse of its ‘structure»

Silhouettes are oversized and full something that I love to see on men.

Prints reinterpret classic paintings with bucolic,pastoral images through the unexpected presence of austronauts as time travelers of the past.

This voyage also takes place through Frankie Morello tribe that transfroms the Pegasus, the three M’s and the number 22, symbolic lettering of the fashion house.Into amazing contemporary prints illuminated with Swarovski crystals.

The striking color palette is composed of black and white with splashes of electric blue and camel.

The most original accesory is a «dual purpose»military style that transforms from a visor cap into a pair of sunglasses.

I loved the «RUDE» sweaters and the all time classic combintation of black and white.One of my favourite collectionas by far.The fashion show was just a perfection.Every detail from the venue the music till the casting of the models were just perfect.Till the next one…

You can wathc the full show here :


For some backstage fever cilck here


*Special Thanks to my beloved Valentina for her help 

Photos are taken from me  * All rights reserved 



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