Hunter Gather Presentation x LCM


Neon noir

The presentation took place at the Huntergather café were we enjoyed our breakfast  and coffee . Early morning with fashion and treatments from Huntergather’s amazing team. I Couldn’t ask for a better morning in London.


About the collection: zipped up and pumped up ,Huntergather AW14 sets about it with a curled lip and flicked collar. The mood is that of a long drive ,Gosling/Refn flouro -fight mode and bomber jackets cut to the quick. The colours create a kind of punk palette :reds and yellows in Pollock -like splashes which I tottaly loved khaki and stone from the street scen of the earthy eighties. And the details are out there, on the prown :Mission Impossible leathers revamped but still looking for trouble, a denim jacket must have piece for every man – that oozes intent. Like the Clash at the most cultured ,this is fashion for the seriously spirited :Brothel Creepers, distressed leather washed out wool and over -dyed denim .Mood, colours, details. Taken together it’s a new spirit for a new year.

                                                          hg1 hg2hg3

IMG_5542 IMG_5540

IMG_7122 IMG_7127



Click on the photo to watch the static presentation


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