Bodyshop Giveaway

 Δοκίμασα και αγάπησα αυτά τα προιόντα απο την Βodyshop!Γι’ αυτό τα κάνουμε  δωράκι   σε σας.Αν θες να κερδίσεις ένα απο αυτά τα προιόντα ( λεπτομέρειες για τα προιόντα εδώ) ακολούθησε αυτά τα 3 βήματα.

 3Lblog celebrating the collobaration with Βodyshop!More details about the products here I just loved this 4 new products of Bodyshop I’m giving you the chanse to try them!If you want to win this products just Follow this 3 steps ! x

             1.Like the 3lblog fb page
             2.Follow the 3lblog Instagram
             3.Send me an email (
        with your name and your favourite product!

Winners will be selected randomly
                                       Contest ends at December 15
                                               Take care lovelies !
                                                     Marina x


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