Vivienne Westwood at MMFW ’13/14

Vivienne Westwood
Milan men’s fashion week
Fall/Winter 13
We can called the spirit of Vivienne Westwood’s latest collection extremely «satirical» as Vogue Italia described it.I couldn’t find best way to describe her collection.She has her own style .The British designer takes on the catwalk models that are returning from an insurrection or a demonstration that wasn’t entirely non-violent. Clothing from the British good society are slightly mocked and live together with the street wear and its graphically shouted slogans. The color palette was between black,gray,cobalt blue, electric blue, burgundy ,lavender, orange ,army green,white ,red. Using fabrics like nylon,cool wool,cashmere, denim,tartan and vinyl. I loved the ankle boots ,the scarves and the tubants. Such a Vivienne Westwood collection. Gongrats! 
Favourite moments-outfits of the show 
Special Thanks to the kindest Michael!
Videos here 

                                       For backstage here


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