John Varvatos at MMFW ’13

                                 john varvatos 

                                           Milan men’s Fashion week
                                                     Fall/Winter ’13
The amazing show took place in an amazing building at Corso Italia. Cameras were     on,music on ,lights off,everyone was  quiet and the show started! The silhouette of the clothes was dignified and proud .With strong shoulders and a new emphasis on the waist hint .Long coats sport leather sleeves were my favorite ones .So elegant for the men. The colour palette was dense and precious between the tones of grey ,deep wines, shades of blue and touches off the all time classic black. I loved the hats and the boots. The slim velvet scarves with textured motifs completed the whole elegant look. Each man has to dress like this .So chic and elegant with sport touches! Such a great show, very good  model’s selection.Thumbs up for Mr John Varvatos!!

                                                     The Entrance 
Ready to go 

The designer 
     Favorite moments -outfits  of the show  


Special Thanks to the Dearest Francisca for everything 🙂

  For Backstage of John Varvatos show press here


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