Greeks in Fashion

People that make Greece proud in the fashion business

Sophia Kokosalaki
 Born in Athens in November 1972
 Graduated in 1998 with an MA in womenswear from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Debuted her first womenswear collection during London Fashion Week in 1999

Patricia Field
Born February 12, 1941
Stylist & Fashion Designer
Styled sex and the city series and also the two SATC movies
Styled The devil wears Prada and Confession of a shopaholic

Mary Katrantzou
Born Athens 1983-Fashion Designer
Studied  at Central Saint Martins Fashion Textiles
First show f/w 2008 London Fashion week
She also has a collection for TOPSHOP

Panos Yiapanis
Born 30 Aug 1975 Cyprus
Freelance Stylist
Worked with Givenchy,Chanel,Vogue Italia,Vogue Hommes International,Another magazine,Muse magazine,Dazed & Confused,V magazine,Interview,Self service,i-D magazine.

Marios Schwab
Born: 1978 in Athens- Fashion Designer
Studied MA Womenswear Fashion -Central Saint Martins
Launch his own collection S/S 07 London Fashion Week
Creative Director For Halston

Hussein Chalayan
12 August 1970 Cyprus -Fashion Designer
Studied Fashion design- Central Saint Martins
FIrst collection 1993 London Fashion Week
He was twice named British fashion designer of the year.

Sophia Neophytou Apostolou
British Cypriot
Creative/Fashion Director for British Harper’s Bazaar
Editor-in-Chied of 10 Magazine
Creative director for Rouland Mouret and Antonio Berardi

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